Gear List

Mapex VBX Birch Drum Kit
Ludwig Breakbeat Drum Kit
Zildjian Cymbals
Sabian Cymbals
Istanbul Cymbals
1967 Ludwig ‘Super Classic

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Marshall Vintage Modern
Ampeg BA 210 v2 Bass Combo
Marshall DHL 100H & Cab

Yamaha MGX 20
Yamaha Floor Monitors
Mackie Thump PA speakers
Shure Sm 58 Mics

Soundcraft MH4 Mixing Desk
RME Fireface 800x 2
Neve 3116 Channel Strip x 2
Neumann KH120 Direct Monitors
Focusrite ISA 828

Guitars / Pedals
Fender Strat deluxe 1998
Fender Jazz Bass 1996
Boss MS3
Big Muff 1997
Electric Mistress 1997

Keyboards / Synthesizers
Kawai 88 note digital Piano
Behringer Deep Mind Analogue Poly Synth
Korg MS20 Mini Analogue Mono Synth
Novation Bass Station II Analogue Mono Synth*
Elektron Digitakt Drum Machine*
Elektron Digitone FM Poly Synth*
Behringer RD-9 Drum Machine*
Ableton Push 2*

*Not all of these items are on site all of the time, if you require any of these items please provide 48 hours notice so we can make sure they are available for your session.

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro (250 ohms)

Se Gemini
Slate Digital VMS
AKG d12 
Aston Spirit
Aston Starlight
Braun Phantom Classic
Shure Sm 57 
Shure SM 81
Shure Beta 91
Shure Beta 87A
Audio Technica AT 4041
AKG Drum Microphones
Sennheiser 421 / 441

If you would like any other specific microphones we can get high end microphones such as Neumann U87’s, we just need 5 days notice so please leave a note when making your booking so we can get them prepared for your session.